Become a Business sponsor

A Message to Hill Country Businesses


Spicewood Arts has been promoting the arts in in Spicewood and adjacent communities for the past 20 years.  We would welcome a mutually beneficial partnership with your company to fully realize our vision.

OUR VISION – A community benefiting from creative opportunities through music, art and education

OUR MISSION – Provide Spicewood the opportunity for people of all ages to experience, enjoy and support the visual, performing and literary arts.

HOW WE ACHIEVE OUR MISSION – We achieve our mission in several ways:

  • Present a series of 5 musical concerts featuring outstanding performers
  • Provide trips to art museums, galleries and other places of artistic interest to those who wish to enhance their appreciation and understanding of the arts
  • Provide programs at local schools including:
    • Musical concerts to increase student awareness of various types of music and instruments
    • Fund art related supplies and instruments
    • Scholarships to seniors from Marble Falls and Lake Travis High School in a competitive process for those continuing their education in the arts as well as alumni scholarships
  • Host a two-day outdoor festival bringing the visual and performing arts together for all residents to enjoy.

Through these events and our proactive mailing and advertising we reach well over 3,200 Spicewood residents and many others from Marble Falls to Lakeway.

Click here to review sponsor benefits’ website page outlining the benefits available to your company at each sponsorship level. Click here to download the Sponsorship Agreement the sponsor donation process.  Your business may also elect to donate an amount other than a predetermined sponsorship level. Business Donations will be recognized on our Sponsors page on our website.

Please help us continue to make a difference in the Spicewood Community!


Ellie McLachlin

VP, Giving