Fourth of July Lions Club Parade

Participating in the Spicewood Lions July 4 celebration is always fun. A variety of vehicles are decorated in red, white, and blue for a parade from Opie’s BBQ to the Community Center.

Our scholarship students introduce themselves to the neighborhood by walking in the parade and lending a hand with activities around our cookies and information booth. We love getting to know our Spicewood neighbors and are happy to support the good work of the Spicewood-Highland Lakes Lions Club.

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Student Performances

We’ve sponsored school programs at West Cypress and Spicewood Elementary schools like Mr. Will and his backup tunesmiths, whose rollicking songs are a big hit. Donna Ingham holds the students spellbound with her tall Texas tales. The Arts Festival wouldn’t be the same without the adorable Spicewood Elementary school choir opening the event, and student arts get a special spot at the Festival. Sometimes the timing works out so that one of our talented musical scholarship winners can participate with a few songs (they’re usually off to college by then!)

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Spicewood Arts Funds “Grants 4 Great Ideas”

Spicewood Arts recently donated $2,025 to the Marble Falls School District’s “Grants 4 Great Ideas” spring grant awards, to initiate “Harmonious Rhythms: Using Drumming to Enhance Social-Emotional Learning.”

Harmonious Rhythms came to life through the efforts of Jennifer Rose, the music teacher at Marble Falls Elementary and primary grant writer.

“Drumming sessions have been proven through peer-reviewed research to have a positive effect on physical and mental health, as well as on social and emotional behaviors,” she said in the grant application. “Students in elementary grades (PK-5) will participate in 8-10 drumming sessions per semester. The desired result of these sessions will be to activate and reinforce social behaviors critical to social and emotional learning, including respect, communication, and cooperation, “ she said.

“Spicewood Arts has supported our area elementary school art programs for many years, usually with a musical performance or storytellers,” said Karen Noecker, SAS president.

“This is the first time we were able to make a difference that will last well beyond one day and impact the lives of our young students in a very meaningful way. Thanks to our wonderful donors who made this happen,” she said.

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Spicewood Scholars

One of the joys of the year is passing along the generous donations from everyone back into the neighborhood. For fourteen years we have been awarding scholarships to students at Lake Travis and Marble Falls High Schools who want to earn degrees in the arts. Their interests have ranged from architecture to medical illustration to fields of study that didn’t exist a few years ago.

Since its inception, the program has awarded more than $100,000 and the number of scholarships given has tripled. The scholarships are supported by the Spicewood Arts annual Fundraiser in February and individual donations throughout the year.

In spite of the pandemic, our students continued to excel. See the 2020 Spicewood Scholars via the link below.

2020 Spicewood Scholars
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