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Platinum ($10,000+)

Betty & Paul Motheral


Gold ($5,000+)

Juan & Billy Helms


EOG Corporate Match

Silver ($2,500+)

Ana & Greg Erickson
Sheri & Bob Myer
Sylvia Rowehl
Sherri and John Swanson

Bronze ($1,000+)

Karen Noecker & Earl Chancellor
Beth & Harvey Cody
Richard & Michelle Manson
Deborah Paterson

Patron ($500+)

Ruth & Randy Adams
Karen & Kirk Champion
Donna & John Curtis
Penny & Ron DelPrincipe
Linda & Bob Egan
Buffie & Geordie Eicher
Laurie & Jeff Hall
Tracy & Bob Henry
Rick Laube
Michelle & Vern Mangels
Madeleine & Ed Manigold
Terri Martin
Johanna & Hayden Winkler
Pam & Mark Winter
Jessica Manson & Rey Ximenes

Supporter ($250+)

Nancy Rajchel
Janet & Gary Eakes
Janey Richardson
Dana Martin Whatley
Wallace Wilson

Friends & Family ($75+)

Lisa Baker
Elizabeth Blount & David Hoge
Tom Douglass
Jenny Mullinax & Duke Hopkins
Sharon Johnston
Heidi Mcgee
Jeanette & Joe Murphy


Kimberly Nixon
Debbie & Chris Opdahl
Carol Polak
Becky Rogers
Gail Simmons
Vera Wiatt
Patti Young

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