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Featured Artist – Jared Dunton

In 2000 Dunten was paralyzed in a diving accident in the Rio Grande. Unable to move from the neck down, Dunten began using his mouth to paint in 2002. In 2005 he was awarded a student scholarship by the MFPA, based in Lichtenstein.

Dunten has studied with painter Philip Wade and world-renowned master painter Edward Povey. Dunten’s style, subject, and technique continue to evolve. His works have been on exhibition at the Bass Concert Hall, The One Allen Center, and featured in online and print publications nationally. Patrons across the US collect his work.

With a relentless spirit, Dunten continues to, “paint himself out of the wheelchair” advocating research for paralysis from spinal cord injury, and knows he will walk again. Making prints available to everyone, Dunten wants his story to be told and the belief in a cure to spread.

Dunten currently lives and works at his studio just outside of Austin, Texas with his wife, 2 sons, and a small group who is committed to seeing his mission through.

You can view more of his work at https://www.jdunten.com/ and https://www.71paintedwines.com/theart

Spicewood Arts Featured Artist - Jared Dunton painting

Featured Artist – Janice Anderson

Janice studied Art at Richland College in Dallas and The University of Texas at Austin, Texas. She found a world of endless possibilities for creativity through collage art. Originally her collage pieces consisted of stitched canvas but she soon migrated to papers and objects in a natural transition for her love of textures and shapes. Janice’s art has been shown in many exhibitions including national juried exhibits and invitational shows. She has also been an invited guest lecturer at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden in Austin.

For many years, Janice shared a studio home with her late husband, Bob Jones; “Bob Creek Studio and Gallery” on Bee Creek Road. Today, Janice creates complex assemblages and intricate collages from her studio in Briarcliff. In her work, one can see the immense appreciation she has for each object, for every selected scrap of paper, for her relentless pursuit of creative perfection and meticulous craftsmanship.

You can view more of her work at http://www.austinartists71west.com/collage.html

spicewood arts - janice anderson - featured artist artwork photo

Featured Artist – Joyce Stephen

After many years in the corporate world of high tech as a software engineer and later in real estate, Joyce is now able to spend time every day on her art. The joy of each day is celebrated and captured in her work. Inspiration comes from the dance of light on everyday objects, the rhythm of a favorite song, and the love of friends and family.

Joyce very seldom has a theme in mind and uses experimentation and a playful ‘go with the flow’ attitude in her work. Each stroke influences the next and the next until the artwork informs a direction and a pleasant balance is reached.

Often bits of found objects, book pages, house plans, and sewing patterns find their way into her many mixed media layers, paying tribute to the everyday tapestry of our lives. My goal is to provide visual interaction and simple enjoyment.

Joyce lives in Spicewood with her husband and dog Tank. You can view more of her work at JoyceStephenArt.com

spicewood arts member artist - joyce stephen - serendipity photo

Featured Artist – Allain Hankey

My lifelong passion for glass art turned from collecting work from artists around the world to where I am now able to make my own kiln-formed glass. I have found it to be a tremendous outlet for my creative energy. The combination of design, glass texture, and color coupled with the surprising results and changes during the firing process stimulate and inspire my imagination.

In my work, I combine transparent, opalescent, and iridescent glasses in my designs. Then I use the heat of the kiln to form the glass, varying temperatures and firing times to produce different effects. My work is produced using cut, crushed and powdered glass. Depending upon the task, the pieces can be fired one time and up to six times. I make both foods-safe functional pieces as well as art glass.

For food-safe functional glass, I use molds to slump and shape the glass. For art pieces, I often strive to produce layers for depth, while retaining transparent imagery or using glass types that will create a reaction by combining it with other types of glass.

I also work with patrons to create a piece just for them or for a gift which is a real pleasure. All my pieces are unique and I cannot and do not make exact replicas. I would love the opportunity to show you my work in person and/or create a unique piece for you. You can view my work on my website at allainsglassfusion.com as well as find my contact information.


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