Featured Artists

Featured Artist – Hugo LaRosa

Our featured Artist for December 2022 is Hugo LaRosa.

Hugo’s featured creation is titled: “Pink Dream”. It was painted in acrylics.

He gifted this creation to his mother and accordingly it holds sentimental value to him. Thus far, Hugo has given away his incredible paintings to his family and friends.

Hugo was born in Northern Peru, South America and he studied Journalism at the Catholic University of Lima Peru. He currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Previously, Hugo worked for a Health Care Company. He is married to his beautiful wife Lidia and they have two daughters, 6 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Hugo loves art, music, writing, and reading.

Hugo is a self-taught artist and he has never taken any formal training. Instead, everything he knows about painting, Hugo learned on YouTube and from books.

Hugo finds inspiration for his paintings in many places including the internet. Once an image catches his attention, he will make the necessary adjustments to his drawing and then turn it into his own unique creation.

Hugo likes working with acrylics as a painting medium because they are very forgiving. As Hugo points out, “they allow you to make changes and corrections.”

For Hugo when he paints it is something of a struggle. Yet he perseveres until he finishes his creation in one sitting. Most of his paintings are completed within a two or three-hour time frame.

Hugo’s tidbit of advice to fellow artisans is: Take time to draw outlines and with portraits use every device you can to get a likeness first. It saves a lot of time and makes for better outcomes.

Hugo’s Contact information:
Email: larosahugo7@gmail.com

Hugo LaRosa
Hugo LaRosa’s featured artwork – “Pink Dream”
Abstract Watercolor
Autumn: Watercolor 12×16
Bouquet: Acrylic 12×12
Inspired by the Internet
Newly Born: Watercolor 11×15
Inspired by the Internet
Bright Landscape: Watercolor 12×16
Cat: Watercolor 11×15
Doggy: Mixed Media 10×14
Rooster: Acrylic 12×16
The Date: Watercolor 11×15
Inspired by the Internet
Van Goah: Acrylic 9×12
White Roses: Watercolor 12×16
Violinist: Watercolor 11×15

Featured Artist – Marla Ripperda

Our featured Artist for November 2022 is Marla Ripperda.

Marla’s featured creation is titled: “Ode to the Oaks”

It is a mixed media sculpture (terracotta figure on a live oak tree trunk, epoxy clay leaves on metal base and acrylic paint) 32”x18”x1”.

Marla also wrote a poem about her sculpture.

“Ode to the Oaks”

Ancient oaks formed faerie rings, Where Brownies drummed,
And Fairies danced.
Time passed,
And Elfin princes were crowned kings.
Man came and went, then came and stayed. Hammocks hung, Hammocks swung. Time passed.
Man strived and thrived oblivious.
Man did fell these ancient Ones, but oak wilt caused the kill. Where leaves once rustled
and boughs once swayed,
the Magic sits quiet and still. All is now quiet and still.
Time passes…….
And an acorn sprouts.

Marla’s Artistic Statement: “What is my art about? It’s about raucous joy, quiet beauty, and the humor which makes us human.”

Marla Ripperda is a fifth-generation Texan with Central Texas roots going back to 1850. She began her professional career with decorative faux painting effects, murals, and customized stencils. In 1995 Marla also began sculpting, and her subsequent commissions have been both two- and three-dimensional. Marla has shared her work in numerous art shows and has paintings in collections across the nation and one copy of a sculpture she created went to Kastoria, Greece.

In 2000 Marla moved with her husband to the Texas Highland Lakes area and opened a studio beside her home on Lake Buchanan.

In June 2019 she joined Daniel Adams Fine Art Gallery co-owning a small gallery in Marble Falls, Texas. After COVID closed that gallery she moved to Daniel’s larger gallery at Buchanan Dam until Daniel closed and moved out of state in 2021.

Marla currently exhibits her art with The Highland Arts Gallery at 318 North Main Street, Adriano’s Italian Restaurant and Tea Thyme in Marble Falls, Her work is also on display and available at Carolee’s on the Square in Burnet, Texas which has an eclectic collection of Marla’s artwork, functional items, and collectibles.

Marla has numerous large outdoor sculptures displayed in communities across Texas including Marble Falls Sculpture on Main, Bee Cave Sculpture Park, Georgetown Rivery Park, Georgetown Public Library, and Jewett Eagle Scout Park.

Marla created a series of sculptures and wrote her poem “Ode to the Oaks” to commemorate and help process the loss of 30 oak trees on her property to oak wilt.

Marla joined The Llano Fine Arts Guild in June of 2022 and is an Associate member. She is exhibiting her art there.

Marla’s advice to fellow artisans is: “Persevere in making your art; persist in applying to shows and competitions; accept rejections as graciously as acceptances; and, at the same time be generous with your art. Donate when asked, teach, and share your knowledge freely….if you can.”

You may contact Marla at:
Phone: 512-497-1807
Email: mkripperda@gmail.com
Website: https://www.marlaripperda.com

Marla’s featured creation – “Ode to the Oaks”
My newest sculpture “Armadillo Totem” won 2nd Place out of 16 sculptures in the Georgetown Sculpture Tour 2022-2023. It is 52” high x 24”x14” made on Roxy resin clay and faux bronze finished.
“Mia” automobile resin bronze paint 4’ high x 14”x14” metal base – a recent private commission. The patrons saw Marla’s “Little Dog Laughs” in Jewett, TX, and wanted a similar sculpture for their home.
“Pandora’s Box” Mixed media 12”x10”x12” – The idea of this sculpture was through adversity to retain hope.
“Perissos Plein Air” – Cobra oils on linen canvas 9”x12”
“Vermeer’s Model” Mixed Media 2022 7.5”x7.5”x 18”-28” scarf drape – The model reminded me of Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. So I fashioned a headdress and pearl earrings in terracotta with the figure, then dressed her in vintage gilded fabric and posed her on an artist’s palette.
I believe that sometimes a photo cannot be improved in a painting. This is “Geronimo” the World’s Largest petrified tree from a recent trip to Arizona.

“Juice” – Cobra oils on linen 11”x14”- A recent pet portrait commission for a little fellow who just crossed the rainbow bridge.

“Sunset #1” – Watercolor on paper board 9”x12”. I’ve recently begun a series of sunsets.
“Dark Wings at Sunset” – Watercolor on paper board 12”x 9” – from my sunset series.

Featured Artist – Cynthia Bloom

Cynthia’s featured creation is the necklace that she is wearing in this photo. Cynthia crafted this piece from raw Ethiopian opal wrapped with 14kt GF wire and Swarovski crystals including a decorative 19-inch GF chain.

Cynthia focuses on creating high-quality unique pieces of jewelry which capture the historical period from which the materials are sourced.

Cynthia’s designs reflect a decision she made early on to center her work on rare antique and vintage items. She takes pride in the quality of her work and the limited production runs that turn her jewelry pieces into treasures.

Cynthia Bloom Collectible Jewelry is hand-crafted with attention to detail in the wire-work weaving utilizing unique gemstones, vintage Swarovski crystals, rare glass buttons, and antique hand-blown, hand-cut glass beads.

Most of the crystals and beads Cynthia uses were found in Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Italy. Plus, a number of her sources salvaged the bead clusters (or hanks) from war-shattered factories of Europe.

Cynthia’s jewelry reflects her passion for preserving and infusing these dazzling “Objets D’art” into her designs to create contemporary collectible jewelry.

Cynthia’s tidbit of advice to fellow artisans is: “You can never have enough lighting to showcase your work at a show. “

Please contact Cynthia at:
Website: https://cynthiabloom.com/

Email: cindy@cynthiabloom.com

Phone: 512-779-7737

This glass button necklace and “Mambo” earring set is titled “Seahorse.”
This necklace is titled “Opal Delight.”
These “Vintage Faceted Glass Beauties” come with Swarovski Crystals.
Jack Moss - Spicewood Arts - Featured Artist photo
These opal necklaces and Labradorite bracelets are titled “Never Enough Layers.”
These necklaces with Swarovski Crystals are titled “Opal Statement 1 and 2.”
These necklaces with Swarovski Crystals are titled “Opal Statement 3 and 4.”
This set features “Turquoise Pearl Chandelier Earrings” with two layering necklaces.
This set highlights a “Pave Diamond Delight” necklace with “Bloom Wrapped Peachy Pearls and Crystal.”
This set showcases a “Bloom Isabella” necklace with freshwater pearls, Swarovski Crystals, and Green Pearl Chandelier Earrings.

Featured Artist – Jack Moss

Born the son of a preacher, Jack’s family moved quite often throughout West Texas. His enjoyment of the great outdoors combined with the experiences of working cattle with his dad and owning horses created a great love of the west for this Cowboy Artist. Then the Texas ranching tradition and those wide-open spaces invaded Jack’s imagination and its influence is evident in his work.

In addition to becoming a gifted artist, Jack’s professional life has included being a Football Coach, a High School Principal, an Athletic Director, and a Horse Trainer.

Without formal training, Jack decided to acquire some watercolor supplies as well as a few “how-to” books and he began teaching himself the art of watercolor and how to master the difficult medium. Then and perhaps not by chance, Jack’s techniques of illuminating his paintings with vivid color and selling his paintings started almost immediately.

Early on, exposure to range cattle and the cowhand’s way of life was a solid influence for Jack and he has been recording their activities on paper and canvas ever since.

Jack has fond memories of riding and working alongside cowhands and his father on ranches in Texas. Those experiences enabled him to gather reference materials in his mind, on paper with sketches and photos. This not only was the helpful beginning of Jack’s art experience but it has also been the source of great satisfaction in Jack’s life.

Now Jack is living the life of his dreams as an Artist of the West. Plus, he completed another lifelong dream by opening the Gridiron Gallery of Western Art in Llano, Texas. His ambition is to make it one of the finest art galleries in Texas.

Jack’s work has been featured in Southern Living Magazine, Texas Monthly Magazine, and The Hill Country Magazine as well as in several Hill Country newspapers.

Jack’s advice to fellow artisans is: “Control the water, most beginners use too much water. Then, learn to paint the five basic shapes that are in this world. Those shapes are circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, and cones. All other shapes are made from combinations of these five shapes.“

You may contact Jack at:
Email: jdm1349@gmail.com
Website: https://www.gridirongallery.net

Visit the Gridiron Gallery: 112 East Main St., Llano, TX

Jack Moss - Spicewood Arts - Featured Artist photo
Jack Moss - Spicewood Arts - Featured Artist photo
Jack’s featured painting (above) is titled: “Packsaddle Indian Fight”. This historic battle took place on August 3, 1873, and it is not a coincidence that three Moss brothers were in that combat.
Jack Moss - Spicewood Arts - Featured Artist photo
I am Ferel, I am Mustang, I Am Wild Horse
28″ x 38″ Watercolor
Jack Moss - Spicewood Arts - Featured Artist photo
Leave The Gate However, You Found It
18″ x 24” Watercolor
Jack Moss - Spicewood Arts - Featured Artist photo
Amarillo by Morning
18″ x 24” Watercolor
Jack Moss - Spicewood Arts - Featured Artist photo
The Last Hunt
36” x 48” Watercolor

Featured Artist – Marlys Denison

Marlys has a diverse work history. She worked for E.I. DuPont de Nemours as an Analyst for 15 years. She also taught math at San Jacinto College. Then Marlys started Lakeway Printing in Lakeway Texas.

Marlys has been painting all of her life. She tried watercolors in Lakeway. Then staying home for Covid, prompted her to take up the hobby of painting with acrylics more seriously. Slowing down a bit with her 84th birthday and the fact that she found a great teacher made Marlys feel like some of her creations were actually good quality.

Marlys’s tidbit of advice for fellow artisans is: “I am learning to mix colors showing the bright side and the shadier side of the same color. What I have found is that the use of stark white or black is distracting.”

Marlys’s contact information is:

Phone: 512-970-3231
Website: www.marlysdenison.com
Email: marlysdenison@mac.com

This painting is titled: “First Day at the Gym”. It is Marlys’s grand baby when she was less than three years old. They visited the gym and she immediately seemed to know what to do. 14″ x 11″
This creation is titled: “Danica rides again”. Marlys’s nephew’s daughter Danica does barrel racing.  She loves her horse and was please with the painting. 10″ x 14″
This painting is titled: “Valentine’s Day Out”. Marlys and her husband Tom went to a small restaurant in Houston on Valentine’s Day 2022. This creation is a replica of the centerpiece placed on their dining table which was outside.
This creation is titled: Canyon Lake At Triple Peak. Marlys captured this view down the canyon from her vacation rental on canvas. It is 15″ x 30″ X 1.5″ gallery wrapped canvas. On this painting, Marlys used open acrylics, which dry slower and work more like oils.

Featured Artist – Lawrence Jefferson

Lawrence has enjoyed photography for most of his life. He has especially enjoyed photographing nature and landscape photography.

While growing up near the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in New Jersey, Lawrence found lots of subjects and areas to shoot.

After he moved to Texas in 1991 Lawrence took a break from photographing nature. That was until he bought a DSLR digital single-lens reflex camera which got him back into his passion for capturing photographs of nature.

Lawrence uses a Nikon D7200 camera and he utilizes different lenses to achieve what he is looking to photograph. His lenses include a Sigma 100-400mm, Sigma 105mm macro, Nikon 10-20mm, Nikon 50mm, Sigma 18-250mm, and now a Sigma 150-600mm.

Lawrence’s tidbit of advice to other artisans is: “When photographing animals or insects always concentrate on their eyes. If you can get a highlight in them all the better.”

You may contact Lawrence via email: ltjeffers@att.net

spicewood-arts-featured-artist-lawrence-jefferson photo

Featured Artist – Debra Mostue

Debra’s featured creation is a watercolor that she created of a Painted Bunting. Framed prints are available for sale in various sizes as well as notecards. Debra created the Facebook group titled: the “Spacewood Art Society on the Other Side of Weird”

Debra began selling her framed watercolors at Art Markets and along the way, she met many other artisans. In December of 2017, as a way to keep track of her new artisan friends, Debra started the “Spacewood” group on Facebook. Since then, the group has grown and now “Spacewood” has become a success story with over 2,000 members internationally.

Managing the “Spacewood” group has served as a sincere way for Debra to help others overcome their fear of creative expression. Please read our official “Welcome” to the group where Debra explains in a lighthearted and fun way how the group got such a goofy name. Spacewood has one basic rule: If it could not hang on the wall of an Elementary School, we do not want it in Spacewood.

Please visit the Spacewood Art Society On The Other Side Of Weird at: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1506452442757049?ref=share

In 1984, a friend introduced Debra to painting with watercolors and she was captivated by the translucence and iridescence of the medium, so watercolors became her preferred method for artistic expression. Creativity in many forms, comes naturally for Debra. Along with painting watercolors, she also loves to write poetry, sing, dance, cook, landscape, sew, decorate her home and re-purpose found objects into beautiful works of art.

In 1991 Debra moved to Spicewood, Texas. She enjoys traveling around the Lone Star State and visiting the various Texas State Parks. She especially enjoys South Llano River State Park and it’s four Bird Blinds which attract many migrating species of birds. Debra studied watercolors in college and she has also taken many watercolor workshops

Her artisan story began when she took a watercolor class at “Austin Community College”. The teacher was very encouraging to Debra. At the end of the semester, she arranged for the class to have an exhibit at the “Dougherty Arts Center” in Austin. Debra shared two of her paintings in that exhibit. At the end of the show, the teacher asked Debra if she could purchase one of her paintings. Debra’s jaw dropped and tears welled up in her eyes. Then she replied: “I would not have been able to paint it if it had not been for you”. So, Debra gave the framed painting.to the teacher as a gift. Then, the teacher moved out of state. Twenty years went by and Debra never forgot the impact that teacher had on her confidence as an artist. So, one day Debra emailed her to thank her. The teacher replied stating that she was back in Austin and teaching again at ACC. The two reconnected and then Debra found out that ever since that day the teacher had been showing Debra’s painting to her students as an example of good work.

In 1998 Debra started the Mostue Insurance Agency. In the year 2000, she painted a watercolor of a Mockingbird and then she sent it to her customers as a Christmas card. That endeavor started a tradition, and every Christmas Debra painted a watercolor of a local Texas bird.

Debra loves to teach watercolors and she especially enjoys working with children! It is rewarding for her to guide and encourage others to let go of the fear and create. Her greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the look on the face of her students when they create something with their own unique and God given imagination.

As a country girl at heart, Debra missed her rural roots, so in the year 2018 she sold her Insurance Agency and moved west to the small town of Mason, Texas. Debra bought a home that was built in 1947 and she spent a year and a half bringing it back to life with a touch of her own creativity and interior design.

Debra’s passion for birds gave wings to her desire to share their beauty and majesty with others through her work. She especially loves to paint birds that are native to Texas and to educate folks about the various species. Debra has become skilled at framing her own work and she has found that framing her art is rewarding and an enjoyable creative outlet in itself. Plus, it enables Debra to share her framed works of art with more people at a very economical price.

Debra’s tidbit of advice to fellow artisans is: Creativity is medicine for your soul and the essence of your unique individuality. Just like the birds, let go of the fear that grounds you, dust off your feathers and take flight so that you can “Create Before It Is Too Late”.

You may contact Debra at:
Phone: 512-922-5157
Email: debra.mostue@gmail.com

Spicewood Arts Featured Artist - Debra Mostue photo
Spicewood Arts - Artist of the Month - Debra Mostue - photo

Featured Artist – Amy Taylor

Originally from Austin, Amy graduated from Regents School of Austin and went on to earn her B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin. Amy is the Executive Director for Harmony School of Creative Arts, a nonprofit organization that focuses on bringing art education, resources, and performances to the Texas Hill Country. Under her tenure, Harmony has expanded its offerings to include creative writing and visual arts for students of all ages and has begun a partnership with Texas Humanities to bring national art exhibits to Harmony throughout the year.

Harmony features a respected dance program with classes for toddlers (Creative Ballet) to adults (Adult Ballet) and everything in between. For the last 20 years, Harmony has produced a live Christmas ballet called The Gifts of Christmas that brings audiences from near and far to central Texas. Additionally, Harmony offers private music instruction to all including piano, violin, cello, guitar, voice, and more. Scholarships are available to ensure that everyone has access to the arts.

In addition to directing the efforts at Harmony, Amy is very active in the art community and serves on the board of Highland Lakes Creative Arts and as a member of the Women’s Symphony League of Austin.

Visit Harmony’s website to find out more about the organization, sign up for classes, or attend an upcoming event or exhibit.

Spicewood Arts - Artist of the Month - Amy Taylor - photo
Spicewood Arts - Artist of the Month - Amy Taylor - photo
Spicewood Arts - Artist of the Month - Amy Taylor - photo
Spicewood Arts - Artist of the Month - Amy Taylor - photo
Spicewood Arts - Artist of the Month - Amy Taylor - photo

Featured Artist – Jeff Schneider

Where Passion Meets Glass and Metal

When Jeff Schneider brought his Gallery 71 W to town, he became the first glass blowing gallery in Spicewood. Jeff, who trained under Dale Chihuly, (Chihuly’s work is in museums) spent years in construction management before deciding to pursue his passion for glass blowing. He shares his passion by offering sculptural glass art pieces and organic wall art, contemporary lighting fixtures, Hej Howdy oyster table lamps, and custom drinking glasses. He combines metal and glass to create unique lighting fixtures.

Steel fabrication is the essential second half of J Schneider Studio. Jeff and his team create luxury custom furnishings using a variety of different hardwoods and metals; floating stairs; modern statement staircases and handrails; fire pits; and decorative elements like wine racks.

Jeff’s work has been featured on Queer Eye, an Emmy award winner for production design.

Learn more about Jeff at jschneiderstudio.com
22111 Texas 71, Suite 803
Spicewood, TX 78669

Click images for larger versions

Spicewood Arts - Artist of the Month - Jeff Schneider - photo
Spicewood Arts - Artist of the Month - Jeff Schneider - photo
Spicewood Arts - Artist of the Month - Jeff Schneider - photo
Spicewood Arts - Artist of the Month - Jeff Schneider - photo
Spicewood Arts - Artist of the Month - Jeff Schneider - photo
Spicewood Arts - Artist of the Month - Jeff Schneider - photo
Spicewood Arts - Artist of the Month - Jeff Schneider - photo
Spicewood Arts - Artist of the Month - Jeff Schneider - photo

Featured Artist – Willie and the Woodshed

This month we are very happy to feature not one, but two area artists working together to help our community. One artist, you’ve probably heard of, teaming up with a local arts organization that fosters young talent. Read on…

Spicewood resident Willie Nelson is supporting the Pedernales Fire Department Auxiliary’s annual fundraiser by signing a guitar donated by The Musicians Woodshed for a PFDA fundraising raffle.

Nelson, who owns a home down the street from the Pedernales Fire Department station #1 on Bee Creek Road, offered his autograph on the Austin-brand guitar.

He signed it “2021, Love, Willie”

Purchase tickets ($20 each) at https://tinyurl.com/WillieGuitarRaffle. Enter your phone number in the PayPal “notes” section if you’d like to be notified by phone if you’ve won.

“Our neighbor Willie Nelson has been a consistent contributor to the Pedernales Fire Department Auxiliary since we were just a volunteer fire department,” said Alecia Ormsby, PFDA president. “We are so grateful for his love and support.”

Funds will support the purchase of AquaEye Underwater Rescue Dive devices and Dual Power Radios. The Auxiliary also welcomes contributions.

The winning ticket will be drawn at the PFDA Firehouse Feast on September 25, or when 200 tickets have been purchased.

Usually annual events, 2020 fundraisers were canceled due to COVID. Generous donors still came through to enable the purchase of over $30,000 in battery-operated power tools to speed up rescues.

Local musicians at Musicians Woodshed teach children and adults a wide range of instruments, songwriting, and voice lessons with many opportunities to perform and record. Student musicians have performed frequently at the Spicewood Arts fall Arts Festival. For more information, visit https://www.themusicianswoodshed.com.

Learn more about the Pedernales Fire Department Auxiliary at www.pfdauxiliary.org.

Spicewood Arts - Featured Artist - Willie Nelson - photo

Featured Artist – Donna Ingham

As a storyteller, Donna has appeared at festivals and conferences throughout the United States and even swapped a yarn or two in Ireland. A former college professor with a Ph.D. in English, she also offers workshops, master classes, and training and in-service sessions as well as age-appropriate programs for elementary and secondary schools.

As a published author, she brings an added dimension to her school visits, and she both entertains and enlightens audiences at book festivals and conferences. Her reputation as a humorist makes her a popular luncheon and after-dinner speaker and presenter of special programs and keynotes as well.

She has been named the Biggest Liar in Austin, Texas, seven times and the Biggest Liar in Texas three times and is a recipient of the John Henry Faulk Award for “outstanding contributions to the art of storytelling” and a National Storytelling Oracle Regional Excellence Award for “exceptional commitment and exemplary contributions to the art of storytelling.”

Donna is listed on the Texas Touring Roster of the Texas Commission on the Arts and on the Mid-America Arts Alliance Regional Touring Program.

Visit Donna’s website to find out more about her, view her calendar, and MORE.

Spicewood Arts - Featured Artist - Donna Ingham - photo

Featured Artist – Gabrielle Matlock

While playing professional golf I started paying more attention to the creatures on the golf course than the shot at hand. I knew my life was headed in a new direction. My passion for animals and wildlife is the cornerstone of my artistic endeavors. My empathy for the way most animals are perceived and treated draws me to them.

When I look into the eyes of my subjects, I often see the mirror of misunderstanding and lack of appreciation. I want to give voice to these beautiful creatures that don’t have one and to finally raise mine in hopes of spreading compassion and understanding.

In the portrayals of my subjects, the eyes are the focal point of my art. Through them, I strive to bring out the essence and soul of my subjects. In painting the eyes first, the animal comes to life and I’m moved to complete the rest of the painting.

Photographing my subjects has taken me all over the world, the most spiritual for me was Africa. I have observed many animals in the wild. I’m continually amazed by their intelligence, sensitivity, playfulness, and extreme dedication to their young. It’s sad to me that few people will have the opportunity to see these animals in real life. I hope my art will portray and convey their magnificence.

I invite you to tell me your story of the wild and to join my soulful and passionate journey.
Until our footprints cross……

“I hope that my work will bring joy to others but on a deeper level I strive to inform and educate people about the magnificence of these creatures.”
—Gabrielle Matlock

Explore my oil paintingscolored pencil drawings, or contact me about custom commissioned artwork.

Spicewood Arts - Featured Artist - Gabrielle Matlock - Mini D - painting image

Featured Artist – Nick White

This month’s featured art is a new book by Spicewood Arts member, Nick White.

By: Nick White and Slater Welte

Members of a diverse UN anti-terrorist team are pushed to the brink as they attempt to make sense of a shocking massacre and a strangely diverse array of violent incidents across Southeast Asia. When beautiful Nikki Choudary is thrust into the lead, she struggles to control rising passions within the region and herself. The shattered team’s success may be mankind’s only hope as a sensual vortex of desperation and greed disastrously derail a mind-expanding breakthrough in bio-electronics.

About the Author

Living abroad as an engineer, manager, and inventor has given Nick White an opportunity to experience a wide range of cultures and people. His research has teamed him with top professors, engineers, and scientists from many countries, while his inventions cover many aspects of the energy industry and the increasingly urgent energy transition. Although having “retired,” Nick is currently active in leading two technology start-up ventures.

Slater Welte is a widely published American writer.

Check out the book here: Amazon.com

Spicewood Arts - Featured Artist - Nickwhite - Rogue Wave - book cover image

Featured Artist – Janice Anderson

Janice studied Art at Richland College in Dallas and The University of Texas at Austin, Texas. She found a world of endless possibilities for creativity through collage art. Originally her collage pieces consisted of stitched canvas but she soon migrated to papers and objects in a natural transition for her love of textures and shapes. Janice’s art has been shown in many exhibitions including national juried exhibits and invitational shows. She has also been an invited guest lecturer at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden in Austin.

For many years, Janice shared a studio home with her late husband, Bob Jones; “Bob Creek Studio and Gallery” on Bee Creek Road. Today, Janice creates complex assemblages and intricate collages from her studio in Briarcliff. In her work, one can see the immense appreciation she has for each object, for every selected scrap of paper, for her relentless pursuit of creative perfection and meticulous craftsmanship.

You can view more of her work at http://www.austinartists71west.com/collage.html

spicewood arts - janice anderson - featured artist artwork photo

Featured Artist – Jared Dunton

In 2000 Dunten was paralyzed in a diving accident in the Rio Grande. Unable to move from the neck down, Dunten began using his mouth to paint in 2002. In 2005 he was awarded a student scholarship by the MFPA, based in Lichtenstein.

Dunten has studied with painter Philip Wade and world-renowned master painter Edward Povey. Dunten’s style, subject, and technique continue to evolve. His works have been on exhibition at the Bass Concert Hall, The One Allen Center, and featured in online and print publications nationally. Patrons across the US collect his work.

With a relentless spirit, Dunten continues to, “paint himself out of the wheelchair” advocating research for paralysis from spinal cord injury, and knows he will walk again. Making prints available to everyone, Dunten wants his story to be told and the belief in a cure to spread.

Dunten currently lives and works at his studio just outside of Austin, Texas with his wife, 2 sons, and a small group who is committed to seeing his mission through.

You can view more of his work at https://www.jdunten.com/ and https://www.71paintedwines.com/theart

Spicewood Arts Featured Artist - Jared Dunton painting

Featured Artist – Joyce Stephen

After many years in the corporate world of high tech as a software engineer and later in real estate, Joyce is now able to spend time every day on her art. The joy of each day is celebrated and captured in her work. Inspiration comes from the dance of light on everyday objects, the rhythm of a favorite song, and the love of friends and family.

Joyce very seldom has a theme in mind and uses experimentation and a playful ‘go with the flow’ attitude in her work. Each stroke influences the next and the next until the artwork informs a direction and a pleasant balance is reached.

Often bits of found objects, book pages, house plans, and sewing patterns find their way into her many mixed media layers, paying tribute to the everyday tapestry of our lives. My goal is to provide visual interaction and simple enjoyment.

Joyce lives in Spicewood with her husband and dog Tank. You can view more of her work at JoyceStephenArt.com

spicewood arts member artist - joyce stephen - serendipity photo

Featured Artist – Allain Hankey

My lifelong passion for glass art turned from collecting work from artists around the world to where I am now able to make my own kiln-formed glass. I have found it to be a tremendous outlet for my creative energy. The combination of design, glass texture, and color coupled with the surprising results and changes during the firing process stimulate and inspire my imagination.

In my work, I combine transparent, opalescent, and iridescent glasses in my designs. Then I use the heat of the kiln to form the glass, varying temperatures and firing times to produce different effects. My work is produced using cut, crushed and powdered glass. Depending upon the task, the pieces can be fired one time and up to six times. I make both foods-safe functional pieces as well as art glass.

For food-safe functional glass, I use molds to slump and shape the glass. For art pieces, I often strive to produce layers for depth, while retaining transparent imagery or using glass types that will create a reaction by combining it with other types of glass.

I also work with patrons to create a piece just for them or for a gift which is a real pleasure. All my pieces are unique and I cannot and do not make exact replicas. I would love the opportunity to show you my work in person and/or create a unique piece for you. You can view my work on my website at allainsglassfusion.com as well as find my contact information.


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